A Typical Day at ChipMonks

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Nursery and family life should be complementary, working to the same end and helping each child grow into a well-rounded individual. At ChipMonks we encourage our children to develop into happy, confident people with a strong sense of social awareness, in readiness for more formal learning while also giving them a thirst for the educational adventures which lie ahead.

Each day is very different and dictated by the children and their likes and interests.

The children’s day always starts with a happy friendly welcome – usually from their key worker.  We use the handover time to share any vital information with parents – what sort of a night have they had, have they had their breakfast etc?  Breakfast is served between 8am and 9am.

The under twos then go for a walk or play out – weather permitting.  We try to ensure that all the children spend some time each day in the fresh air.

The older children make the most of the outdoor space and the craft room and enjoy free flow play at this time.  This enables them to choose what they want to do and where they want to play. Light snacks and milk/water are served around 10.15am. Then more play based loosely around our planning process which stems mainly from the children’s own interests.

Lunch is served from 12 – 12.30 and then it’s story time and song time to let lunch settle before sleeps for those who need them.  We encourage children to stick with the same routine they have at home so sleep times vary greatly.

The afternoon from lunch until about 2.15 is a lovely quiet time when those who aren’t asleep can engage in activities with the staff. Afternoon snack is served at about 3pm and the day is usually ended with the older children being encouraged to play out and the younger ones playing up in their lovely play room.

Each day is very different and dictated by the children and their likes and interests.