Team Building Magic!

  • Calendar iconApr 07, 2011

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday!!

We recently enjoyed a Saturday Team Building Day run by Sue Overton Associates.  Sue and her husband Brian used to run their own nurseries and so when they talk the talk you know they have already walked the walk!!  I was a little nervous about the day because it did cost a lot of money.  I was worried that my staff would resent a Saturday “at work” and they just wouldn’t get the Team Building thing!  How wrong could I have been! 

mp visits chipmonksThe day was lively, interactive and full of positive vibes.  It highlighted what a great team we already are and motivated every single member of staff to become better!  Sue and Brian are a great team and made the day funny, educational and extremely motivational.  Due to expansion, we have three new members of staff at ChipMonks and the day was a perfect opportunity for us all to meet and get to know each other better.

We played lots of “interesting” games and the day culminated in us creating our very own Team Charter—our promise to each other on how we will respect each other, build good open and honest relationships, communicate clearly and behave in a positive and appropriate manner at all times. 

The atmosphere at ChipMonks has always been very good and Brian and Sue both commented on what a fantastic team we already have BUT the atmosphere on the following Monday morning had really driven up a gear.  The staff were all buzzing and very happy to have spent their free time at the Team Building.  Brian and Sue were both excellent at motivating and helping us to achieve our goal of Outstanding!!

The day wasn’t cheap but I felt it was worth every single penny.  I did manage to obtain some funding from Businesslink which made the day more affordable.