Snack Time and Meals

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Children are provided with a drink of milk/water/fresh juice, and fruit/toasted teacakes/cheese and biscuits. These are provided mid –morning and mid-afternoon.

Your child will get the opportunity to sample all of our yummy dishes!


A variety of cereals are available together with toast and fruit.


This will be a healthy, home cooked main course, and pudding. Examples of which are listed below. We would ask you to advise us if your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies.

  • Mild chicken curry with vegetable rice
  • Meat and potato pie and vegetables
  • Tuna and sweet corn pasta bake
  • Cottage pie and vegetables
  • Fish and broccoli pie
  • Chilli with rice and carrots
  • Chicken and vegetable pie
  • Spaghetti bolognaise
  • Turkey casserole
  • Mince beef goulash and rice
  • Creamy salmon pasta
  • Cowboy pie
  • Chicken and vegetable pasta bake
  • Lasagne
  • Chicken and vegetables in cheese sauce
  • Pasta bolognaise
  • Sausage casserole and Yorkshire pudding
  • Fish and vegetables with cous cous
  • Turkey and broccoli pasta
  • Beef and bean crumble
  • Turkey and mushroom lasagne
  • Chicken and lentil bake

All meals will be served on a rota basis and hopefully your child will get the opportunity to sample all of our yummy dishes. We have also added sponges, jellies and crumbles to our puddings in the hope to add more variation to the desserts we offer.